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Lisa McClay, Ward 2 Councilwoman

Lisa McClay was elected to city council in 2012. Lisa is a mom, teacher, and civic activist. Lisa has been in “public service” for 15 years, as a teacher for the Northfield School District. As a certified social studies and math teacher she has a broad range of knowledge and skills that will be applied to her position as councilwoman. Prior to becoming a teacher, Lisa was an Atlantic City gaming supervisor, and part-time real estate agent.

Lisa earned her B.A. degree in History and Education from Rowan University. As an educator, Lisa has a passion for learning and continues her education by taking courses, workshops and reading. Lisa has lived in Brigantine all of her adult life. Lisa and her husband Bob chose to live in Brigantine and raise their two sons here. For many years Lisa and her family have volunteered and participated in community related activities and events. Most of all, Lisa and her family cherish the lifestyle that Brigantine has to offer.

Lisa is a hard working, honest person, dedicated to the success and accountability of the city, and to you the citizens of Brigantine.

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