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Whether you are a registered Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we welcome to our meetings anyone who is interested in putting the Brigantine taxpayers first. We are an inclusive group whose goal is to ensure that our elected officials are held accountable to the people of Brigantine.


Your input, attendance, and support at Club meetings is the cornerstone of our organization.


To become a member, you must be a registered Democrat. Brigantine residency is not required. Click the link to the right to download our membership form. Simply mail it in with your check, payable to the Brigantine Democratic Club.







NJ Law requires ALL political committees (including clubs) to collect the name, mailing address, and if employed, occupation, employer’s (company) name & employer address,  for ALL individuals making ANY contributions .  We must REPORT all individuals who contribute IN EXCESS of $300 per year and to REPORT ALL CASH CONTRIBUTIONS.


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