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The Brigantine Democratic Club is committed to maintaining a local government that is inclusive, fair, transparent, and fiscally responsible.


We stand for:

Accountability - Our mission is to hold our local leaders accountable to all taxpayers of Brigantine, whether they have lived here all of their lives, live here full time, or are 2nd homeowners.


Representation - We will seek quality candidates for local public office in order to give voters a choice at the polls. We will ask our local leaders the important questions and offer alternative viewpoints when necessary.


Openness - We will strive to keep the taxpayers of Brigantine informed about issues facing our city and we will be open and receptive to all points of view relating to those issues. We recognize that our public officials and employees are custodians of the public trust!


Our Mission

Core Values and Philosophy


  1. We are both fiscally conservative and responsible. We believe that it is our duty to make sure that every dollar is well spent, that all contracts are transparent, open, and fairly awarded and that good business practices are followed at all levels of local government.

  2. We are not anti union. We believe that all municipal union members should be paid a fair wage with adequate benefits. We also believe that the public’s financial capability has to be taken into account in all union contract negotiations. It is a balancing act between the public good and union interests and concerns. Fairness for both sides needs to be the hallmark of all contracts.

  3. For fiscal and philosophical reasons, we believe municipal government should be kept to a level, which ensures a well functioning local government with health and safety as its principal concerns. We do not believe it is the role of local governments to take on a non government enterprises which are best done by the private sector.

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